Learn all about the J S Khan phenomenon!

J S Khan smacks of proletariat envy, but feels gracious in the presence of (some) enlightened despots. J S Khan is a byproduct of the so-called Fibonacci sequence. J S Khan trampolines on the fuel exhaust of love. J S Khan does not distinguish between reality and fantasy, having studied their common grain, warp on weft, and found both wanting. J S Khan is a mask for the weary god that breathes spirit into flesh-- and all simply because verbs and nouns, like circles and straight lines, pack serious force multipliers. 



The proposition:

*} to deduce the transcendental domain from the pure, universal, and empty laws of thought

*} through the parallax of parable, to recreate what’s real

*} to reveal the Image buried deep inside rhythm absorbing rhythm, nourishing itself secretly on rhythm and propagating further images/rhythms

*} to achieve an a priori synthesis of all possible experience through the oscillation of particles reified as words and developed as an ontology of utmost simplicity, a monadology to be re-presented on a table like chemical elements, the pure Forms washed clean of their historical affinities with language

*} not to be the Handmaiden of Science but its Enema, to make science shit out its impurities, it’s a posteriori truths (i.e. all nonrelativistic classical mechanics) and—assuming the quantum world is qualitative—to build a Reality Machine via grammatical structures alone, to mint positivistic symbols squeezed from the Divine Sponge, molecules of unheard-of properties fused spontaneously in fresh configuration via a continuous tidal reabsorption of the subconscious stratum

*} God is dead; long live God

The argument:

Regardless of whether Intention is an act of the Intellect or Will, the Ideal in the Transcendental Dialectic through all the climes of our wherewithal appears to be a music-box of delicate tunes and melodies, whatever else it might be, whether rats or lizards, or Argonautic Expeditions, the Age of Gold or Dante in Hell; and while skepticism is certainly the most spiritual expression of an undeniably complex physiological condition—the chord always shorter than its arc, so to speak—it must be admitted that the task of phenomenology in its profoundest possibility remains through endless explicitation an unsung runoff of incalculable proportion, much like the renting of game preserves on an unknown planet on a psychopomp’s wings amongst wild taxonomia (hobgoblins! psychic vampires! exalted gremlins! &tc.), the Other encountering a Nature posited, re-posited, and deposited in a tabulated space of its own devising, without end or solace, an un-delimited field of representations re-presenting itself to itself (Vor-stellen), the potential function decaying at the (im)precise point of infinity, objects and/or subjects merged or isolated, given i u1 + ∆2 u +u 1n [u]2 = 0, though the Ancients, confronted with Death and struck with the irreducibility of a refined human calculus, bowed to Fortune’s powerful caress, reaffirming the uninterrupted birth and rebirth of anthropological metamorphisms, all singularities rendered monotonous, the destiny of human philosophy assuming the function and/or value of the limitations of all earthly wisdom—just imagine a cable wound tight around your waist, then unstrung so fast you spin, spin, spin, sick and furious with vertigo!—whilst the substance, an intellectual substance, particularizes and, neglecting draughtsmanship, the spectroscopy transposed on this mental grid causes a signal-to-noise ratio almost impossible to penetrate, the placement of Mr. X in his jailbox at the bottom of the equation (identity transfixed via auto-analyzing matrices) becoming impossible as a species of ventriloquism reveals itself and wrinkles are traced on the enlightened face of knowledge; thus Gnad Melzer, Sacred Doctor of Geometry in 1342 (later burned as a heretic), once pronounced: Thrice-vile Dis would never permit Good to exist unless He were so vile as to produce Evil from Good.

Assuming Evil = Multiplicity in Gnostic Sciences, and ω+1, the question is thus one of perpetual exhaustion. So the problem and proposition are both clearly demonstrated.




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